Robert Nichols shares the values of Senate District 3. Senator Nichols proudly supports conservative principles in the Texas Senate, just as he has in other positions throughout his life. Below are Nichols' stances on critical issues facing Texas today.

Property Rights

The government should never intrude upon your rights as a property owner. As state senator, Nichols supported legislation increasing an individuals' right to protect his or her home from invasion, and he filed legislation to limit the use of eminent domain. Furthermore, Nichols was the primary sponsor of legislation that guarantees landowners are informed of all their rights when facing the state's use of eminent domain. Before becoming a state senator, Nichols volunteered hundreds of hours to the protection of property rights, and as a member of the Texas Transportation Commission he worked with then-Senator Todd Staples to fix loopholes in Texas law that threatened private property rights.

Property Taxes

Home ownership is a right that promotes strong families and investment in local communities. Unfortunately, too many Texans are taxed out of their own homes. The first bill Nichols filed in the Texas Senate cut appraisal caps in half. He also supported successful legislation to extend significant property tax breaks to Texas' senior citizens. The Legislature has begun many reforms to our property tax system, but more must be done to bring relief to overburdened property taxpayers.


The protection of our border is the government's first and foremost responsibility, and the federal government has failed. Senator Nichols supports Governor Perry's efforts to improve border security and shut down illegal crossings. As chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation he advocates for our state to do everything in its power to protect its citizens from unsecured borders.


Texas must offer the best education in America and doing so means having the best schools in America. As a state senator, Nichols works directly with parents, teachers, and administrators to find real world solutions to the problems facing our schools. Specifically, Senator Nichols supports increasing accountability, reforming standardized testing, and offering incentives for improved performance. Senator Nichols also helped increase higher education opportunities for Senate District 3 and supported programs that encourage students to pursue a college degree.

Core Values

It is impossible to speak to every issue the Texas legislature may face. Therefore, it is imperative for constituents to know the key principles guiding Senator Nichols. Specifically, he is:

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-gun owners' rights
  • Pro-job growth
  • Pro-local control
  • A fiscal conservative
  • A strong advocate for the freedom to worship
  • A true believer in the free enterprise system
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